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This band is awesome live!


I like Naruto, because it
integrates a large use
of superpowers, but not
in a showy and annoying
way.  The only problem is
with the voices, they just
sound really childish.

On this page I'll include reviews of the shows I've seen by this band, both recently and in years past. I'll also include reviews that others send me.

Here's an example of a format I might use:

December 12, Paradise Rock Club, Boston

This was a hit and miss show. Ben kept complaining that his voice was hurting, and it was clear he was having trouble hitting the notes on the ballads. Great version of "Philosophy," though, and the band did a funny, rocking version of the "Rockford Files" theme after "Battle of Who Could Care Less" (it really must be one of Ben's favorite shows!).

Upcoming Shows

Here I'll list any upcoming shows I know about, for example:

January 1, Civic Center, Iowa City, Iowa

I may include detailed directions or a map to an upcoming show in this area.